sa·pi·ent | SAY-pee-unt | (adjective): wise, knowledgeable, sage, discerning; having judgment gained through experience

Co-founders Alan Stewart and Jack Langenberg

SAPIENT CAPITAL GROUP, LLC helps high net worth investors, busy professionals and family offices directly own institutional-quality multifamily assets. Co-founders Alan Stewart and Jack Langenberg have invested in over 8,100 multifamily units.

Sapient Capital Group is a private equity firm specializing in the acquisition and operation of income producing multifamily properties in the landlord and business-friendly state of Texas. Home to 57 Fortune 500 companies, Texas is a leader in job and population growth. This combination creates an incredible opportunity to build legacy wealth through multifamily real estate investment.

Sapient Capital Group offers tailored joint venture partnerships as well as passive investing opportunities in high-yield, tax-efficient multifamily real estate investments.

Meet The Founders

Alan Stewart

Principal and Co-Founder

Alan Stewart is a full-time multifamily investor and Principal at Sapient Capital Group with over 20 years of real estate experience. Since 2012 he has invested in over 3,600 units across 18 multifamily properties.

Alan completed a 20-year career in management consulting as Managing Partner having led large scale strategy, business process and technology projects at blue chip firms like Accenture, North Highland and Gartner.

Alan graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors from Texas A&M University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. He is an accomplished author having co-authored three #1 best-selling books: Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a LegacyPersistence, Pivots and Game Changers; and Think Big.

Jack Langenberg

Principal and Co-Founder

Jack Langenberg is an Industry Speaker, full-time multifamily investor and Principal at Sapient Capital Group with 25 years of real estate experience. He has invested in over 4,500 units across 20 multifamily properties.

Having led Global M&A at a Fortune 500 company Langenberg has deep expertise sourcing and valuing acquisition targets as well as negotiating complex transactions, performing due diligence, and operating acquired assets. He also served as CFO and COO of several companies including two with billion-dollar top lines.

Langenberg earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Japanese Language and BBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame. He is an accomplished speaker and author having won national public speaking contests in English and Japanese and having co-authored the #1 best-selling book Think Big.